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Posted December 4, 2017

Use Of RNA Sequencing To Improve Diagnostic Sensitivity: What You Need To Know

Next-generation sequencing has evolved into a powerful tool helping thousands get molecular diagnosis of their conditions. In some cases, proving that a specific variant is the cause of a condition can be challenging or impossible based on information available in the literature. This is especially true for variants near intron-exon junctions. Similarly the splicing consequences of large intragenic deletions are also problematic to predict. Imprinting disorders where the parental origin of the variant is of importance requires additional data to assess appropriately. RNA sequencing can help establish clinical signifiance of a variant in all of these situations in a tissue specific manner. Join MNG Laboratories’ live webinar to hear description of the first commercial transcriptome test and how it can improve diagnostic outcomes to benefit you and the patients you serve. The webinar will also review our ordering and reporting processes for our custom RNA testing options.


  • Dr. Peter L. Nagy, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer
  • Nicholas Rouse, Director of Bioinformatics
  • Daniele Alaimo, MS, Marketing and Client Services Manager
  • Ymkje Cuperus, MS, Senior Genetic Counselor

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