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Ordering Test Kits and Test Analyses

  • Can MNG test kits be sent expedited?

    Yes. Requests for overnight kit shipments must be made before 2:00PM EST. Please contact MNG by phone at (+1) 678-225-0222 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.  If you are a provider located outside the U.S. and do not have an existing MNG account, please contact us at (+1) 844-664-8378 or [email protected] for additional information regarding MNG service levels including: test offerings, request forms, kits, payment options, etc.

  • Which days are samples accepted at the laboratory?

    MNG accepts samples Monday through Saturday from 8:00AM-5:00PM EST, except on the following US national holidays: New Year’s Day (January 1), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day (First Monday in September), Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November), and Christmas (December 25).  If you are a provider located outside the U.S. and do not have an existing MNG account, please contact us at (+1) 844-664-8378 or [email protected] for additional information regarding MNG service levels including:  test offerings, request forms, kits, payment options, etc.

  • Can a custom next-generation sequencing panel be ordered?

    Healthcare professionals may order a custom NGS panel. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss the genes of your custom panel and one can be developed.

  • What is MNG’s cancellation policy?

    Client Requested Cancellations 

    Client requested cancellation of testing, after sample processing and analysis has begun at MNG, is based on the published test turnaround times, as follows:

    4 weeks Testing may be cancelled by the client within 2 days of the date the test is released to the laboratory to begin work.
    2 weeks Testing may be cancelled by the client within 1 day of the date the test is released to the laboratory to begin work.
    1 week Testing may be not be cancelled by the client after samples have been released to the laboratory to begin work.

    Cancellations by MNG Labs 

    MNG Laboratories reserves the right to cancel any test given appropriate reasoning. Cancellation of testing by MNG Laboratories may be due to:

    • Lack of sufficient sample (quantity not sufficient-QNS) for the requested testing. Cancellation will occur as soon as the quantity is verified as not sufficient.
    • Sample quality, as determined by the laboratory, is below the required quality by the test process to be employed.
    • Unacceptable sample type received for requested testing.
    • A sample received in a compromised state that will affect the outcome of the results (i.e. thawed if it is to be received frozen, severely clotted, improper storage conditions, etc.)
    • Non-payment/non-communication with the laboratory regarding billing or clarification of information.
  • Can testing be expedited?

    Yes. MNG offers STAT service for an additional charge. Please complete the STAT Test Request Form and submit it with your test order forms. STAT additions to testing already in process follow the same timeline as our Cancellation Policy. 

    MNG Laboratories will ensure any STAT orders meet the stated deadline, or the STAT fee will be waived. 

    *Please note that this option is not available for Familial Variant Testing, ENZ01, ENZ06, MET22, or MET25

Test Samples & Types

  • Does MNG offer parental testing?

    MNG can test parents/family members for Known Familial Mutation Analysis, mitochondrial DNA testing, and genetic carrier screening. Please fill out the applicable requisition form on our Forms page, in the “Test Request Forms” section.

  • Does MNG offer prenatal testing?

    MNG can perform prenatal genetic testing for any physician recommended genetic test.* We accept only cultured amniocytes, chorionic villi, cord blood, or extracted DNA (preferred) as a specimen type, according to the following specifications:

    Cultured Amniocytes 2 T-25 flasks (greater than 85 % confluency)
    Chorionic Villi 2 T-25 flasks (greater than 85 % confluency)
    Extracted DNA 4 micrograms (3 micrograms minimum) Genomic DNA should be eluted in sterile Dnase/Rnase free water or TE. The A260:A280 ratio should be 1.8-2.0.
    Cord Blood 2 mL Cord blood must be collected in an EDTA vacutainer.

    *Note: An MCC analysis must be performed on each sample prior to sending the sample, as we do not perform this test in-house. The MCC should be conducted with the same sample that is submitted for genetic testing at MNG Laboratories using a split-sample analysis. The test report must be submitted with the sample.

  • Does MNG accept an amniotic fluid sample for genetic testing?

    MNG accepts cultured amniocytes only, not a direct amniotic fluid sample, according to the following instructions:

    • T-25 flasks containing cultured amniocytes should be shipped in an insulated container at room temperature.
    • Flasks should be completely filled with media and cells should be greater than 85% confluent.
    • Previously cultured and stored cells should be shipped frozen on dry ice so we can purify and extract the DNA.
    • The number of cells required is 5 x 106 (minimum 2.5 x 106). We also require an MCC analysis report.
  • What are the instructions for collecting CSF for your neurotransmitter tests?

    The CSF Collection Instruction Sheet on our Forms page, under the “Specimen Collection and Processing Form” section.

  • What kind of samples are acceptable for RNA sequencing?

    MNG can test blood, fibroblasts, skin, and muscle samples for RNA sequencing. Please call us prior to submitting any samples as we supply a blood collection tube specific for RNA sequencing. We will help you to determine the best sample type for your patient’s clinical presentation and genes of interest as RNA expression varies across tissue types.


  • How does MNG work with insurance?

    MNG Laboratories works with institutional and international clients and bills directly for our services. Suggested CPT codes are provided in the test directory to help clients who wish to bill insurance; however, MNG does not bill insurance companies directly at this time.

  • How can an institutional billing account be set up?

    Simply complete and submit an initial test requisition and an institutional billing account will be established automatically. The billing information section must be completed in full in order to set up an account. MNG Laboratories is not a direct-to-consumer laboratory; therefore, accounts will only be created for licensed physicians, clinics, or hospitals.  If you are a provider located outside the U.S. and do not have an existing MNG account, please contact us at (+1) 844-664-8378 or [email protected] for additional information regarding MNG service levels including: test offerings, request forms, kits, payment options, etc.

  • What are the MNG Laboratories Tax ID and NPI numbers?

    Tax ID: 47-3459045 NPI: 1447436514

Laboratory Protocols

  • What is the stability of blood collected in an EDTA tube?

    Blood in an EDTA tube is typically stable for 7-10 days at room temperature and rocking. If there are noticeable clots in the tube or the blood is badly hemolyzed, MNG will not be able to isolate usable quality DNA, and a new sample will be required. Blood specimens should be shipped overnight in a secure container at room temperature. Please do not freeze blood samples.

  • How long are samples retained?

    Samples are kept indefinitely if material remains after testing, with the exception of samples from the state of New York, which requires consent to retain the sample past 60 days. The appropriate consent form for New York state samples is found on our Forms page.

  • What level of coverage does MNG provide in genetic tests?

    MNG Laboratories guarantees 100% coverage of known pathogenic variants in genes listed in our next-generation sequencing panels. Disease causing variants are confirmed using alternative technology as well as areas of low coverage. The target is 300-fold average coverage, and we guarantee 135-fold coverage for NGS panels. Minimum coverage is 10-fold; however, if any variants are suspected, alternative methodologies is used to confirm these findings. For deletion/duplication analysis in NGS panels, known pathogenic variants have a sensitivity of single nucleotide detection, and for any other gene we can detect larger deletions and duplications of 10 exons or greater. For whole exome sequencing, please see our MNG Exome™ page describing coverage, methodology, and specifications. For whole genome coverage information, please see the MNGenome® page for everything included with genome analysis.

  • Do you perform secondary confirmation to confirm your variants?

    MNG uses targeted PCR followed by Sanger or NGS to confirm all pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants, and to assist in evaluating variants found in regions not adequately covered to quality control specifications.