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About MNG Laboratories

MNG Laboratories, a LabCorp Company, is an internationally recognized clinical diagnostic leader specializing in neurogenetic and complex biochemical testing. MNG is committed to a patient-centered testing menu, high-quality diagnostics, and clear and accurate reporting driven by the Genome Manager® analysis pipeline. Our team-based approach to data interpretation provides actionable results on the variants that cause or are likely to cause disease. MNG’s comprehensive approach to diagnostics is accompanied by a team of customer support and scientific personnel available to answer questions regarding processes, technology, and reports. 

With more than 15 years of neurogenetic experience, and powered by a culture of discovery and advancement, MNG Laboratories delivers results that make a difference for patients and their families.


Company History

  • Acquired by Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings on March 1, officially becoming MNG Laboratories, A LabCorp Company

  • Launched the MNGenome®, whole genome sequencing analysis

    Launch of MNG Answers® programs including no-cost familial variant testing (MNG VIP®) and reflex options for negative panels and MNG Exome

    Introduced MNG STAT testing services for whole exome and whole genome sequencing, with results available in 10-14 days

  • Expanded commercial operations to improve overall support to US and International clients 

    Increased pathogenic coverage across the company’s next-generation sequencing panel offerings

    Launched the industry’s first commercially available clinical RNA sequencing service

    Established a Scientific Advisory Board of internationally recognized experts

    Enhanced the MNG Exome to provide coverage of all expert approved ClinVar pathogenic variants, including those located in intronic or intergenic regions

  • CAP Accreditation received

    Redefined ‘comprehensive’ by adding copy number, mtDNA testing, and repeat expansion analysis to clinically relevant panels

    Developed the MNG Genome Manager® variant analysis pipeline to improve variant and reporting calls

    Introduced the MNG Exome family of products, including the MNG Carrier Exome to address unmet needs in the carrier testing market

  • Rebranded as MNG Laboratories™ and began a relationship with a private equity partner to invest in equipment and infrastructure to advance the company’s growth plan

  • Improved diagnostic capabilities by offering repeat expansion testing for selected disorders

  • Introduced MNG’s first next-generation sequencing panels

  • Medical Neurogenetics, LLC grew national and international institutional referrals to over several hundred clients

    Received recognition for autism research program as one of the top 10 advances in the field of autism

  • Branded the growing company as ‘Medical Neurogenetics, LLC’ to establish the company’s focus on neurogenetic disease

  • Our clinical laboratory and research program began