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MNG VIP®—Variant Investigation Program

For next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels and single gene testing performed at MNG Labs, there are many cases where parental or immediate family member testing would be helpful for variant/VUS interpretation or identifying de novo variants in a proband. Through the MNG Variant Investigation Program (MNG VIP®), testing for parents or immediate family members will be at no cost in qualifying variants, effective for samples received after October 15, 2018.

MNG VIP is only applicable to NGS panel and single gene reports with qualifying variants indicated. Reports with these variants will have text noting whether they qualify for no cost familial testing through this program. Up to two immediate (parent/sibling) family members can be submitted for no cost familial testing through MNG VIP, with no limit on the number of qualifying variants.

With the MNG VIP, an updated report will be issued for the proband, in an effort to reclassify the variants in question. Family members will not receive a report through this program.

To get started, please review the program details below and then complete a Familial Variant Test Request Form. This form must accompany all samples submitted for no cost testing. Testing will not begin until all familial samples have been received. Please allow up to one week for order processing and qualification.


Which Variants Qualify For MNG VIP?
  • Variants of uncertain significance (VUS) detected in a gene that causes disorders with dominant inheritance.
  • Two variants (VUS or Pathogenic/Likely Pathogenic) were detected in a gene that causes disorders with recessive inheritance and phase (CIS vs TRANS) could not be determined from the sequencing data.
  • Mitochondrial variants - only maternal sample needed for VUS interpretation
Which Testing Qualifies For MNG VIP?
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Panels - received after 10/15/2018
  • Single Gene Sequencing

Notation will be made on the proband report for qualifying variants, including both single nucleotide variants (SNV) and copy number variants (CNV). Please note only testing performed at MNG Laboratories is eligible for the MNG VIP service.

Family Member Guidelines

Which Family Members Are Included For Testing?

Parental samples are encouraged, but MNG understands that in some cases both parents may not be available. We will only accept immediate familial samples that will be able to help in classifying the variant in the proband. Please feel free to contact us to help determine if family members will be accepted for those cases in which both parents are not available.

Will Family Members Receive A Report?

Family members tested through MNG VIP will not receive an individual variant report. Only the proband will receive an updated report, even if there is no change to the classification of the variant. If those family members tested through the MNG VIP would like to receive a report, they will need to order standard known familial variant testing at list price.

Additional Family Member Testing

Additional or non-informative family members can be tested through standard Known Familial Variant testing. This includes SNV and CNV variants. Separate reports will be generated for each family member submitted.

External Samples

Familial testing for proband samples not performed at MNG are limited to SNV variants only and can be submitted through our Known Familial Variant testing. Separate reports will be generated for each patient submitted.