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Whole Exome Sequencing Data Reanalysis

For all whole exome and whole genome sequencing tests performed at Labcorp or MNG, we offer a complete data reanalysis. Data Reanalysis is the process of re-reviewing the results of WES after a certain period of time to determine if there are any new results to report on. The clinical reporting team reviews all variants to assess for any classification updates or newly relevant variants and re-examines copy number data. An updated proband report will be provided even if no changes are found.

All whole exome and whole genome reports are eligible for a no-cost data reanalysis one (1) year (12 months) after the initial report date. Subsequent or additional requests for data reanalysis will be billed. Reassessments are available indefinitely, but are limited to the data generated when the original sequencing was performed.

How To Order

Please use the Data Reanalysis Requisition Form for all reanalysis requests. 

We encourage any new or updated clinical information to be submitted with the Data Reanalysis request as it may help with variant interpretation. Please also include any additional testing that has been performed on the proband or family members.

Questions can be directed to Genetics Customer Service at 800-345-4363 or [email protected].

Please allow 4-6 weeks for updated WES and 6-8 weeks for updated WGS reports to be generated and sent to the designated parties.