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Posted October 24, 2019

MNG Moves To Exome-Backbone Sequencing

MNG is excited to announce the launch of 15 new next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels. In an effort to meet the needs of our clients, we are introducing a Comprehensive Hearing Loss panel and a Comprehensive Vision Loss & Eye Disorders panel, both including mtDNA analysis. Additional panels include Dysautonomia, various genetic brain malformation panels, and a Comprehensive Anemia panel.

The full new test list is shown below, and individual test details can be found in our test directory.

MNG has also improved the entire NGS menu by implementing an exome-based capture reagent. This upgrade retains the trusted single-exon copy number sensitivity across current NGS panels and extends them through to MNG’s whole exome sequencing offerings and allows for greater uniformity and consistent sequencing coverage depth across the coding regions in the exome.

What this means for NGS panels: This upgrade retains all of MNG’s trusted quality and diagnostic sensitivity across the menu of phenotype-driven panels. Single-exon resolution copy number analysis will still be available for all known disease-causing deletions and duplications, as well as copy number analysis for all other genes. Customized panel options are now easier to access through MNG.

What this means for the MNG Exome: A customized exome-based platform allows MNG to offer single-exon copy number sensitivity for all known disease-causing deletions and duplications across the exome.

Customization of the capture reagent also allows for greater uniformity and consistent sequencing coverage depth across the coding regions in the exome, resulting in higher confidence variant calls throughout all 20,000 genes.

This, in addition to coverage of all practice guideline and expert panel reviewed ClinVar pathogenic variants, increases diagnostic sensitivity for health care practitioners and their patients.

LabCorp Clients: MNG’s exome is now orderable through LabCorp, using your LabCorp account and LabCorp order code. Services included with whole exome through LabCorp include:

• Prior authorization

• 3rd party billing

• Patient post-results genetic counseling services

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