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Posted November 12, 2018

MNG Answers™

MNG Answers™

MNG is driven to help our healthcare partners, patients, and families find the answers they need when it comes to a diagnosis. MNG has solutions allowing economical reflex options to further investigate negative or inconclusive results.

MNG Variant Investigation Program (MNG VIP™)

No-cost familial testing for qualifying variants found in NGS and single gene testing performed at MNG.

  • VUS interpretation or identifying de novo variants in the proband
  • Applies to both single nucleotide or copy number variants
  • Results provided through an updated proband report

Negative Panel Reflex To MNG Exome™ Options

NGS panels are useful diagnostic tools, but they fail to identify the cause of disease in a significant percentage of cases. When further testing is re­quired, MNG makes it easy to add WES to the existing proband sample.

  • MNG Panel Negative reflex to MNG Exome™ Proband Only – $1,995
  • MNG Panel Negative reflex to MNG Exome™ Trio – $2,995

MNG Exome™ Reassessment

Complete data re-evaluation, not just classification updates to previously reported variants, including copy number changes and newly identified variants.

  • No-cost reassessment once per year
  • Eligible 6 months after report date
  • Applies to previous and future MNG Exome™ tests

Negative MNG Exome™ Reflex Options

Whole Exome Sequencing can provide a genetic diagnosis for about 25% of patients, leaving a large portion of those tested with inconclusive results. Whole Genome Sequencing allows assessment of noncoding genomic regions, while transcriptome analysis, applied along with MNG Exome™ or MNGenome® testing allows for functional assessment of variants affecting regulatory regions.

  • MNG Transcriptome™
  • Gene-Specific RNA seq – $845
  • Full Transcriptome – $1,485
  • MNGenome®
  • Proband – $4,400
  • Trio- $6,900

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