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The MNG Laboratories Advantage

MNG combines internationally recognized expertise in biochemical and molecular testing to create the most comprehensive testing available. In addition to whole genome and exome sequencing, we offer phenotypically driven next-generation sequencing panels that include mtDNA testing, repeat expansion detection, and copy number analysis when relevant. RNA sequencing can provide an additional level of analysis for genetic testing. MNG's unique approach and proprietary process to evaluating the significance of genetic changes centers on the concept of genetic disorders as diseases of molecular systems, rather than individual genes.

For Patients

MNG is driven to help its patients and families find necessary answers when it comes to a diagnosis.  Your health care provider may have recommended genetic or biochemical testing through MNG, or you may be looking into available testing options for yourself, your child, or a family member.  With the help of a healthcare provider or genetic counselor, MNG's test options may offer a solution to ending the diagnostic odyssey.